Thursday, January 2, 2014


Up front. I do not want to minimize this family's grief and heart break but this is  a case that is totally heartbreaking and is now entering Twilight Zone territory. Child goes in for a tonsillectomy, something goes terribly wrong after she comes out of the anesthesia. They can't stop the bleeding, she arrested and is now clinically brain dead. That's as dead as it gets folks. I mean that's the standard for turning off the respirator, sending for the preacher and planning the funeral.

Trouble is the family doesn't want to let go. Somehow, someway they seem to believe that this is fixable. Shades of Terry Schiavo. Too bad there doesn't seem to be a way to find if someone else or some other group has an agenda here. The family wants to move her to a long term care facility and that isn't going to be cheap. The hospital won't authorize the surgery to install a vent for a respirator and a feeding tube. The family is trying to force them to do this and she can't be moved without it. Assuming they can find a facility willing to take her.

Are they hoping that a malpractice settlement, if malpractice is proved, will cover the costs? Or are one or more pro life groups back in the shadows offering monetary support and feeding on the family's delusion that we're going to have a Lazarus event here?

Bad enough that the family won't let go. Much worse if they're being used. Because sure as there are green apples this is going to turn into a "Right to Life" shouting match.

For the love of heaven remember and celebrate her life; don't turn her death into some kind of macabre circus.

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