Saturday, May 17, 2014


A feeble attempt to put into words what I see and sense. Gave me a bad case of "that's not quite it. Arrrrgh!"

I was the sun, warm rays piercing the clouds to the sea.
I was the sea, mists rising to join the clouds.
I was the clouds riding the winds to rise above the coast range.
I was the mountain, heavy mists drifting across the cliffs.
I was the rocks, wind carved trees clinging to the crags and bluffs.
I was the trees, leaves catching the fogs; releasing moisture into the earth below.
I was the mist, caught in the moss and last year’s leaves.
I was the moss, trapping the rainbow drops, releasing them into the soil
I was the soil, water full, drops working down, down the foundations of the mountain.
I was the bedrock, water following the cracks, pooling, feeding the deep springs.
I was the deep springs feeding the pools under the trees.
I was the pools, home to little streams bubbling over the rocks fallen from the cliffs.
I was the little streams, rushing to join the great river as it rushes to the salt marshes.
I was the salt marsh, feeding my water back into the sea.

I am the sea, sun warmed, giving up the mists to the sky. 

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