Monday, May 19, 2014


The federal court ruled this morning that Oregon's law banning same sex marriages is unconstitutional

The state attorney general's office had announced earlier that there would be no appeal of the ruling if it did come out the way it did.

The state could start issuing marriage licenses as early as this afternoon. Finally.

There was an attempt to put a "religious exemption" out as a ballot measure. But the attorney general's office writes the ballot measure title and the state supreme court signs off on it. The folks who had proposed the measure didn't like the title claiming that it made them sound like they were in favor of "discrimination." Hey folks if the shoe pinches don't come looking to me for sympathy. A spokesman said they were going to try going through the courts. Good luck in this state. Oregon is one of the five least "churched" states in the union. A lot of us are believers we just don't much care for being labeled and/or pigeonholed.

Let's hear it for the "activist" judge. :-)

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