Saturday, May 10, 2014


Or "you're picking on us."

Got my dose of face palm humor Saturday morning. Friend of Religious Freedom has suspended its plans to gather signatures for a ballot measure to allow a so called religious exemption law in Oregon.

Near as I can tell, an organization presents its proposed ballot measure to the state. If memory serves the organizations used to title them. That lead to lawsuits depending which side lost (or won) so the state stepped in. The state attorney general’s office checks out the law and gives the proposal an official title. Then the state supreme court signs off on it. Apparently they didn’t like the wording of the title as certified by the state.

“The campaign sought to portraythe issue as one that frees business owners from having to violate their religious beliefs by abiding by Oregon law.

But the certified ballot title does not acceptably state this Friend of Religious Freedom said in the release issued late Friday afternoon. Indeed, it states it as intolerant instead of protecting equal rights of conscience.”

The good folks behind the cancelled ballot measure believed that the language would prejudice the voters against them. Well boo f’ing hoo. The potential discriminators complain about being discriminated against. Cry me a river. Here's newsflash for you, we already know you're intolerant, we don't the title of a ballot measure to clue us in.

What were you hoping? You can put a saddle and a jockey on a donkey but that won't make it a racehorse. 

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