Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Grandma had a stack of old 78’s that included a revival hymn with a verse that went like this. I think it was the refrain. “The B I B L E. Yes that’s the book for me. I stand alone on the WORD of God. The B I B L E.”

The tape starts running whenever I run across dumb ass comments like this.

“The scientific method demands scientific observations. Since no scientist today could observe the alleged deep history that Tyson eloquently describes, a scientic understanding of earth’s geological history requires reliance on some sort of eyewitness account to the past. There is a Book (capitalization his, not mine) the recorded Word of God provided by the Creator of the earth, that provides in its history a reliable and consistent guide to interpret the geological record.” Comment on Neil deGrasse Tyson’s page. Oy. Face palm, head bounce. Epic scream.

While I did post a comment, these ain’t it.

“Home school much?”

“ACE graduate?”

“This is a science page, not a fundagelical religious page.”

“Let me guess, you believe that the earth and the universe are less than ten thousand years old.”

“The Bible says so, doesn’t cut it. Find a reputable scientist to prove Dr. Tyson is wrong and we’ll talk, Oh, and Ken Ham doesn’t count.”

"Your God is too small."

And so on.

The comment I did make was reasonably polite but, it’s getting harder and harder to be polite to twits who want to drag us back to the Dark Ages. And yes the Dark Ages weren’t quite dark as authors like Gibbon presented them.  However, show me one original piece of research from about 500 to 1500. Even Copernicus got some of his ideas from Aristarchus although the reference didn’t appear in the final manuscript. Whoops, forgot about the printing press from the mid 1400’s. Guess I’ll have the knock things back a hundred years or so.

And what made Gutenburg’s press so wonderful. He came up with it just in time to take advantage of the translations of those fragments of the writings of the early Greek inventors and philosophers. The printers couldn’t keep up with the demand that fueled Copernicus, Galileo, Hubble, Newton, Herschel  and all who came after them.

Now, if I could just turn off the damn tape.

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