Friday, May 16, 2014


As the new campaign season ramps up we’re finding that not only has nothing changed since 2012 but there are some new players on the field.

Almost all the far right candidates still claim to support a smaller government. At the same time they support measures to control women’s health care and reproductive rights. At the same time too many of them want to control who marries who, even though most of us still haven’t figured out how couple A’s marriage has anything to do with couple B’s. Every excuse in the world is still being used to undermine the authority of the president, except the obvious one. He’s black.

Nonexistant voter fraud has been met with a rash of laws meant to limit access to the vote for those most likely to vote for a Democrat. And what’s scary is that some of the politicians don’t even pretend any more that the laws are intended to do just that.

One of the newest schticks is to claim that any action or law that conflicts with their “sincerely held religious beliefs” is a form of persecution. Even something as mundane as baking a cake or being asked to take pictures. for a same sex wedding. And earlier posting highlighted a Midwestern candidate for the senate who believes that his religious freedom trumps all laws up to and apparently including murder.

I suspect there are a few detainees still moldering down at Gitmo who could make the same argument. I guess we should just let them go home. After all it’s a sincerely held religious belief that the infidel (us) needs to be stopped any way possible. Oh, you didn’t mean THEM. Care to explain why not? Oh, you just meant certain Christians. That’s what I thought.

Same for prayers at public gatherings. At least for some folks. The recent Supreme Court decision okayed such prayers as long as certain guidelines were met. Anybody want to take book on what would happen if a Jew, Muslim or pagan asked to say a prayer. What odds are you offering? A million to one? Sounds about right.

I have noticed that there are fewer calls for the repeal of “job killing” regulations. At least in the local news. Since most of the calls seem to be code for “repeal the EPA’ I’m guessing that the rash of broken or exploding pipelines and derailed coal and oil trains has as least some folks thinking twice. After all one of those trains just might be coming to a rail line near you. Then there are states with almost no record of earthquakes that are starting to shake. Only new part of the puzzle. Fracking. Let’s just keep hoping that the only things being rattled are the plates in the cupboard. For now.

 I believe I may have finally figured out the real problem. Deep down in the darkest corner of their minds where the light never shines the WASPs and WASP wannabes truly believe that they are the only full citizens of this country. Women, minorities, gays, non Christians, or non conforming Christians are not full citizens and may not even be fully human in their eyes. So they can, with a straight face and clear conscience claim that they are for smaller government, for them while mandating intrusive government for others. As for all the rest of us? From now on, if I don't have a say in the laws that are passed I will not obey.

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