Thursday, January 8, 2015


Never in a million years did I think I'd ever be writing an entry like this. And I'd much rather be leafing through Wendell Berry's Sabbath poems, the book on Native American herbs and rituals, Thomas Merton, anything but this.

This is my comment and a response.

  • Me: It might just be a jobs bill. After all we can't have women who can afford it going outside the country for abortions. It'll be China in reverse. Checking every woman every month to see if she's pregnant or not. And then making sure she stays pregnant. Join the pregnancy police and keep those women in their place. Think I'm exaggerating? I sure as hell hope so.
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    • Stevie King Women are already being imprisoned for miscarriage. In America. Seriously. So maybe you aren't exaggerating as much as you'd like to be.
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    • Jackie Heaton I've seen the news stories. And nitwits, all men, who want to have every miscarriage investigated as a possible murder. Including a woman who fell down the stairs. She was actually arrested, I believe. Yeah, right I'm going to risk a broken neck on the off chance...I'm 65. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be living in THIS America when I was in high school. This crap was what happened in those dystopian science fiction novels I still love.
I ran across another story recently. Woman was depressed, tried self medicating BEFORE she got pregnant. Went to the hospital to be checked out. Found out she was preggers and didn't know until the cops showed up that workers at the hospital had called them accusing her of child abuse. And she was arrested. If convicted (if the DA is dumb enough to run with this) she could be on a watch list for life. This is totally insane. 

I grew up in a logging town in Oregon. I got a good education in math and science and never looked back. I love science. The wonder of it. The, dare I say it, magic of it. I want to shout "your God is too small from the rooftops" when I run across the anti science nut jobs. And I'd be a hell of lot more impressed with their claims of being "pro life" if they really acted like it. Fracking, hill top removal mining, not knowing what's in the food we're eating, eagerness to go to war no matter what, still enough nukes to poison the earth for generations. I refuse to give up, but damn it how many times to we have to keep fighting the same battles?

My folks weren't Quakers by the time they hit the west coast; I was raised Methodist. But they still carried the idea of I'll mind my business and you mind yours. 

And how many cops would it take in this country to investigate every miscarriage, just to be sure along with ensuring that every pregnancy comes to term. Talk about an invasion of rights and privacy. But, it is the logical outcome of this scenario. As I said in my comment, when I was a lot younger I never dreamed I'd be living in THIS America. 

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