Saturday, January 31, 2015


So, one month into 2015 with about twenty two months to go until the next election here we go with some of the possible potential candidates. 

As if we needed the proof that the whole “birther” schtick over the past nearly six years was nothing but racism and sink the democrats any way possible pure and simple consider three right wing presidential wannabes.

First up? Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal. Only his name isn’t Bobby, that’s a nickname. His East Indian immigrant parents named him Piyush. Granted that doesn’t roll off the tongue the way Bobby does. So we have a hopeful whose parents, while naturalized citizens, were not born in this country. Isn’t that what was giving the likes of Orly Taitz and Joe Arpaio fits over the last few years.?

Next up Ted Cruz.  His father was born in Cuba, was naturalized, married an American and moved to Canada. Ted was born in Canada and carried dual citizenship until recently. /So again we have a situation similar to what lit up the birthers over president Obama. Only one parent is a citizen and we know for sure in this case that Ted Cruz was not born in this country although his mother’s American citizenship automatically makes him an American citizen. Any comments Orly and Joe?

Third up. Marco Rubio, who may actually be the sanest of the three. Both parents were born in Cuba and actually immigrated to the US before the Castro revolution but they didn’t take out citizenship until the mid seventies. Their son was born in the US so that makes him a citizen by birth even though his parents weren’t born here.

Again, hello Orly and Joe according to your definition none of the three fits their definition of a natural born American citizenship and therefore not eligible to run for president. So where are all the birthers and the Tea Partiers that have been having hysterics for nearly six years. You like their politics so they get a pass. You don’t like the president’s politics so you keep snapping at his heels like a bunch of rabid, undersized Yorkshire terriers over and over and over? 

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