Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Shaking my head over the comments on stories about the big now storm on the east coast. Some folks didn't get as much as they feared. Some other folks are still getting hammered.

The government actions that seem to bring the most negative comments. Travel bans. It's all a liberal plot. It's a Commie plot. The weather guys don't know what they're talking about. Can't find the back of their laps with both hands. Please try to think it through. It isn't going to kill you to stay home for a day or so as long as the power stays on.

Be thankful that if your house catches fire the crews can get through because the roads aren't blocked by abandoned cars. Be thankful that an ambulance can get through if you have a sick kid or God/dess forbid a heart attack and need to get to the hospital and the medic can get through. Be thankful that if you do lose power the repair crews can get where they need to go because the roads are clear. Be thankful the plows can get through to do their jobs so that regular travel can resume as soon as possible.

One of the Weather Channel guys was filmed last night in Massachusetts. The snow on the ground wasn't that bad but the wind was really blowing and the drifts were really impressive. And that was the big problem there, The plows go through, the wind blows, the snow drifts back onto the street. The plows go through, the wind blows, the snow drifts back...

And I hadn't stopped to think about it but airports get closed, not just because there's snow on the run ways but because the workers needed to run La Guardia or Logan can't get to work either.

There was a multi truck/car pile up on I84 east of Baker last week. Closed the freeway for hours because of chemical spills and all they were dealing with was black ice.

So stop and think about it. If you go out in this kind of weather, get stuck and yell for help some poor schmucks will do their jobs and risk their necks to save your sorry ass. Personally, I'd really rather play it safe. For me and for the emergency crews.

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