Monday, January 19, 2015


Lisa’s latest started this off. And because I am congenitally unable to LEAVE IT ALONE I’m off again in search of the puzzle pieces of possible realities. I don’t know, maybe it’s why I’ve never been able to just sit back and watch reality TV or read the latest mindless “best seller” being touted on Amazon.  Maybe it’s those named and nameless Puritan and Quaker ancestors. God/dess knows THEY weren’t able to leave anything alone. And what they’d make of their hybrid grand daughter as she tap dances back and forth across the line.

So, here we go. This is an expansion of the comment I left on her Face Book entry. And oh, Lisa where that comment went after it took the bit in its teeth and headed for the edge of the cliff.

Ah, but Americans aren't supposed to contemplate passing through the veil between this world and whatever comes after. Where’s the profit in that? That won’t keep the cash registers chinging, unless you’re loading up in the New Age/self help guru aisle in search of the NEXT BIG THING. That glimmer around the corner that you think is your soul but is really just a mirage.

We're supposed to keep working and spending and doing whatever it takes to "keep it up." Remember when Viagra first came out? Bob Dole was the spokesman. Now the faces in the ads are younger and the latest isn’t even somebody who would be taking the drug. It’s a sexy young thing with flowing hair and a come hither air. Is that really all there is? Sex and shopping and Twitter and running faster and faster like the White Rabbit? I’m late! I’m late! But, what am I late for?

Because to be honest, it we ever stopped the treadmill, too many of us would be looking into the abyss wondering 'what the hell was it all for?" How many state of the art entertainment centers, cars with all the bells and whistles, cosmetics, bowl games, Cialis prescriptions, mountain top removal coal mines, Alberta tar sands pit mines, fracked gas mines, herbicides. pesticides and Big Gulps does it take to keep the howling wolf at bay. The wolf we’ve got by the ears. The wolf with the dripping fangs who lives where our souls ought to be.

Look into the eyes of Mitt Romney. Look into the eyes of the Bush Brothers. Look in the eyes of the likes of Dick Cheney. If you dare. Because if you do you’ll find the wolf or the abyss staring right back at you.

And that was where I bailed. I don’t know about other folks but I’m not going to bare my soul on Face Book. That’s what this blog is for. Up to a point. Anyway, at that point I found myself standing at the edge of my own abyss. There’s hope, but damn, my fingers are getting tired on hanging onto the edges of it.

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