Thursday, January 1, 2015


I'm old enough to remember when the Ducks were a national joke and couldn't half fill Autzen Stadium so this is sweet.

And it's when you lose that you show whether you're a class act. Even the sportscasters were amazed when at least half of the Florida team headed straight for the locker room without doing the midfield fingers crossed behind your back "nice game" routine. there's something to be said for losing a game now and then at least you get some practice at knowing how to act.

Two of my nephews were minor players on the team but they both emphasized that the coaches taught them that you focused on the next play. When that play was done you worried about the next one. Tonight they played as if each play was the only play in the game. And by the beginning of the fourth quarter? Florida literally gave up. To be honest I've never seen anything like it. Even when the they were losing years ago and the defense was being outplayed six ways from Sunday they kept trying. They may have been out scored and outplayed but they never just...folded.

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