Monday, January 7, 2013


Downloaded from a facebook site.

Ok, we've put away the party favors. The decorations are going back in their boxes. The last of the cookies have been eaten. Now we roll up our sleeves and tackle a mess that would have sent Hercules screaming into the hills. I've been strangely silent these last few weeks. Maybe there are too many words competing right now and the Quakers had the right of it. Staying silent, waiting for the Light. (And the candle is burning pretty low right now.)


Lisa :-] said...

You can't let yourself get weighed too far down by the bad stuff. The bad is bad, but there is good. Our job is to keep our eyes on that as well, by way of refreshment, so we can wade back into fighting the bad.

JACKIE said...

I've been reading a set of essays by Howard Brinton, a Quaker. I'm finding some good material. It's easy to say what I'm against. But, what do I replace it with and how do you explain how we got into this Goddess awful mess. There's a link in the sidebar to a blog. Quaker Pagan Reflections. That's right. This couple are Quakers and Pagans and they've found a meeting that is accepting. Cat has posted some really helpful material.