Monday, January 28, 2013


What is in my mind isn't coming through with the words. This happens. But here goes anyway. 

The word enchant is from the Latin and the French. In those languages it means “to sing.” In English we use it to mean to cast a spell or to move deeply. Perhaps even in English enchant can have the meaning Caitlin Matthews give it ‘to infuse with song.”

In legend the bards of Britain maintained choirs that were constantly singing or chanting. The singing was intended to maintain the balance and connections between this world and the other world. Imagine hearing the tales of your land and your people Every day, every hour, every minute.

Hearing the  tales and stories that keep us grounded but what happens when we lose the songs. Lose the stories that connect us to each other and to the land.

So we have to write and sing our own songs. Lisa does it with her birds in the back yard. Including a beautiful bald eagle. And a very beautiful bald eagle it is. I’ve discovered a blogger or two who combine Quaker practices and what we usually call pagan practices. Quaker Pagan Reflections  is an excellent example. Try your hand at writing a poem. Feed the birds. Spend time chasing weeds in a garden, You might hear the universe singing. We can’t sing all the time, but we can listen.