Monday, January 14, 2013


I've started keeping a notebook on the bedside table. I get some of my best ideas at two in the morning and they're gone when I get up. Anyway, I made these notes last night. They'll be worked into something better later.

"Find a tree. Any tree, really, If you can sit down next to it, good. Best if you can lean your back into it. Fell the bark. Imagine your arms reaching for the sky. Your feet sinking down into the roots. Deeper into the soil, deeper into bedrock and the under ground springs.

Reach for the sky. Feel the sun. Bend with the wind. Endure the rain and snow. Welcome the spring, returning bird song, wind song. Watch the stars wheel through the seasons."

I got that far and put it away. Settled in for the night with the image of trees and undergrowth.  A sort of a clearing and into the clearing came a fox. Seemed to be following a track. Then the image ended. And I can guarantee that I was not thinking of foxes...or any other kind of furry critter at the time. I'll have to chew on this for awhile.


Lisa :-] said...

Sounds very much like a scenario described as a desired result of asking for a dream to reveal one's power animal. Is your power animal a fox?

JACKIE said...

Kind of sounds like it, doesn't it. As in, yoo hoo I'm over here. Hey! I'm over here!! One of them anyway. I have to find an entry I did several years ago, I was doing a guided imagry that took me along a stream. Suddenly I came on a heron that had just caught a fish. And I wasn'tthinking about herons at the time either. Thank heaven at least some of the Quakers don't mind exploring the earth medicine side of things. There's a link on the side bar to blog called Quaker Pagan reflections. Cat and her husband have some really good material.

Must find my copy of Animal Speak, It's upstairs. Somewhere.