Thursday, January 24, 2013


This message is true no matter who we call Creator. The president said pretty much the same thing last year and look what happened to him.

Pray for the whole world, pray this very earth become a heaven. Pray especially to be freed from the evil of greediness. Pray to recognize others who are in need-for there is no such thing as “my” bread. All bread is ours and is given to me, to others through me and through me to others. For not only bread but all others things necessary for sustenance in this life a given on loan to us with others and because of others, and for others and to others through us.

Whoever does not give to another what belongs to that other does not eat his own bread but steals that bread from that other. For nothing that we have acquired unjustly is ours.

All gifts of nature and of grace have been given us on loan. Their ownership is not ours but God’s. God never gave private property to anyone-not even to his own Mother or to any other person or to any creature in any way. Treat all things as if they were loaned to you without any ownership-whether body or soul, sense or strength, external goods or honors, friends or relations, house or hall, everything. For if I want to possess the property I have instead of receive it on loan, then I want to be a master.

I have told you this time and again, if a person were in a rapture as great as St. Paul once experienced and learned that her neighbor were in need of a cup of soup, it would be best to withdraw from the rapture and give the person the soup she needs. Meister Eckhart Thirteenth century preacher and mystic.

So, if we knew these things in the twelve hundreds… wonder the church labeled him a heretic.

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