Tuesday, January 29, 2013


“Everything which God created millions of years ago and everything which will be created by God after millions of years-if the world lasts that long-God is creating that in the innermost and deepest realms of the human soul. Everything of the past, everything of the present, and everything of the future God creates in the innermost realms of the soul.”
Meister Eckhart. I wonder if I can find out if Eckhart actually used the term millions or if he just meant a very long time. In any case he probably won’t win any points with the American Creationist crowd.

Is the human soul isolated? One per customer? Or, as Tom Cowan writes of the teachings of Hildegard of Binger, does that soul stretch out, touch the soul of all Creation? Flowing in. Flowing out. Combining. Mixing. Dancing. Can my soul dance all the way out to Andromeda and surf the star stuff pouring out of the blue white giants? I’d like to think that it can. 

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