Sunday, January 27, 2013


It's very difficult to take pictures of something or someone that won't stay still long enough to focus on. Last night at dinner. Bandit did something noisy, mom did something noisy and I turned on the camera...all at the same time. She's right at that pay attention to EVERYTHING stage. Took five minutes to convince her that something new wasn't out to get her. 

One small kitten about three days after she came to stay with us. Hardly a handful. And so very puzzled by it all. 

At about four months turning into quite a lady  A golden eyed girl. And very careful to stay out of reach at bedtime. She still sleeps in the kennel. Bandit needs some peace part of the time, after all.

And it's very odd. Cat's with green eyes reflect green. Cats with golden eyes reflect gold. But, our blue eyed Bandit. Looks like a perfect demon with those red eyes when she's actually the biggest wussy pussy you'd ever come across. She does like to lay on top of the laundry basket play pen. When Midge is in it. Lay end to end and wave her tail down the back. And smile.

Now at five months a sleek, black lady with a tail almost as long as she is. Loves string, little plastic balls, socks,,, and toes.

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Lisa :-] said...

She's quite a big girl. And so sleek and pretty.