Monday, April 29, 2013


My facebook page is being totally wonky about letting me send messages today so for Mary Ellen who responded to a comment about herb combos for blood pressure.

We’re using two. Solaray Heart Blend SP-8 and Healthy Choice Naturals Blood Pressure Formula. I had been going through a company called Viable Herbal Solutions. But, they decided to close down while they built a new plant instead of working out of the old one in parallel. Instead of a few months they were down for nearly a year. That and I think the FDA goosed them over some of the claims they were making about one of their specialty blends. Anyway they're out of business and it was back to square one. The so called alternative sources have to walk a very fine line and I'm sure big Pharma would love to put them out of business entirely. Humans have been using herbs for thousands of years. Modern medicine as we know it is barely a century old and the herbs are called alternative medicine. Go figure. Germany actually has an official herbal formulary and many Germans turn to the herbs first. And probably have a pretty good idea when to head for the doctor's office first. 

Anyway, the herbs in the Solaray blend are hawthorn, motherwort, rosemary, cayenne, kelp, wood betony and shepherd’s purse. The Healthy Choice Naturals blend includes garlic bulb, hibiscus, hawthorn, buchu, juniper berry, and green tea. I’d like to do entries over in Green Woman on each of them. I’m also interested in more dandelion and using olive leaf.

Anyway hope this helps.  Mom’s doing a lot better and my sister and brother in law were nodding their heads yes Saturday evening before I even finished explaining what we’re doing. And even had some good suggestions. THAT went a lot easier than I anticipated. 

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