Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I think this is another on that Lisa posted to FB. Anyway, while I was chuckling over this little guy/gal I looked over where I'd last seen Midge and there was now a lump under one of the little braided area rugs. Just off center with a tail tip on one side and white whiskers on the other. When I looked again, Bandit AKA the Twenty Pound Wonder had taken up station on the empty side of the rug. A little later she had flopped over on her side. TOWARDS the lump in the rug. Anyway she rather relentlessly proceeded to take over the top of the rug. Finally Midge was left with about six inches. She tried one position. She tried another. Finally she gave up and came up for air. She watched Bandit for about half a minute and proceeded to go over and take a seat on her head. THAT got Bandit off the dime and the race was on. LOL

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