Monday, April 8, 2013

Lisa posted this on FB. I really need to hit the Cheezeburger site more often. This scrap of fluff has more white in the coat , but this could have been Midge last fall. Couldn't sneeze and walk in a straight line at the same time.

Only Midgie's favorite position was, and is, up on the shoulder with front legs extended as far out as they'll go. She gradually leans to the left attempting to go around my neck by arching her back. She's very good at it. Eventually I have to straighten her out or I'd have a permanent crick in my neck. She still gets fed on the tv tray in the evenings. Sometimes she chows down, sometimes she doesn't. She's a talented scrounger during the day, but she knows she'll get a good cuddle for "desert" and she never passes that up.

So little bit, stick to your job and grow. Pretty soon that paw will go really, really far.


Lisa :-] said...

Being a "crazy cat lady" isn't the worst position I've held in my life... The rewards are awesome. :)

JACKIE said...

Midge has become a very talented pencil "thief." We're going to have to pull out the stove...eventually. That's where they all seem to be ending up. but they make such a wonderful rattle when you drop them over the side onto the floor. LOL