Friday, April 19, 2013


The following does not excuse the actions of the bombers on Monday. The twisted logic that might tie marathon runners and their families to Chechnya probably only exists in the minds of the men who planted those bombs.

Ok, we have faces and we have names. I’ve been dipping in and out of CNN this morning and this is what I am NOT seeing.

The brothers apparently are ethnic Chechans. I assume they came here legally. There is an uncle living here. The younger brother has been to high school here. Earned a wrestling scholarship for college. Has friends who didn’t see this coming, but also hadn’t seen him for a few months. If they came here legally Immigration should have the date/dates they entered and why. The ten year time frame roughly coincides with the second Russian invasion of the ill fated Chechan Republic. Did they claim entrance as refugees? What did they go through between the time they were living in Chechnya and entrance to the US?

Tamerlan is suspiciously similar to Tamerlane/Timur the Lame, the Central Asian conqueror who spread devastation from Persia to India in the 14th century. The younger brother appears to have been named for Dhzokhar Dudayev the general who was the first leader of the break away Chechan Republic.

As of 2010 Chechnya had a population of just over 1,200,000. Reported casualties in the second invasion? Over 100,000 dead and over 400,000 refugees. I’m beginning to think that the main difference between men and women who are called terrorists is the uniform. If you’re wearing a uniform, you’re just following orders. If you’re in civvies you’re a terrorist. (more on this later)

I’m just a lowly blogger, but I was able to find basic information in about fifteen minutes. But, the story I’m hearing shaped is the “crazed killers.” It would be great if they could catch this kid alive. But right now, a snowball in Hell would have a better chance.

I had the boob tube on early this morning while dealing with kitty breakfasts. (We got Bandit in the habit of a five AM snack at the beginning…) Anyway, Bandit, Midge and Smokie the innie/outie were all looking at me. Cats may not build cathedrals but they don’t blow them up either. 

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