Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Unknown to most of us the fate of the Western world was in danger on Easter Sunday. Google occasionally replaces their regular logo with a “doodle.” This Sunday the company chose to honor the birthday of Cesar Chavez.

If you are from my generation you remember his efforts to organize farm workers and the famous grape boycotts. This was back in the seventies and I’m sure that at least a few of the growers wished they could deal with him the way their counterparts in Latin America were dealing with labor organizers in their countries. With guns. It’s so much simpler when labor problems surface to just be able to call in the goons with the guns isn’t it?

I am not going to go into my opinion of the churches that focus on “Jesus died for my sins.” While seeming to ignore the three years he spent echoing the prophets who came before him who called for peace, justice and mercy. And that Chavez fought for peace, justice and mercy. He walked the talk that Jesus taught.

And which Easter could Google have doodled. The popular chocolate bunnies, peeps, colored eggs Easter or the empty tomb Easter? Do the bunnies and the same people who are called for your head on a platter are still going to be yelling. And as a side note, the Eastern Rite churches use a different way of calculating Easter so they haven’t celebrated it yet.

There were some threads that tried to find some humor in the whole situation. Did you know that if you don’t eat the bunny heads first, the bunnies come back as bunny zombies? Which led to threats of “chocolate bunny zombie apocalypse” and “attack of the killer peeps” entries. There was even a peepapocalypse suggestion. Try saying that one three times really fast. LOL  

Let's just say that the story didn't bring out the best from a lot of folks and after about fifteen minutes those zombie bunnies and battalions of pink and yellow marshmallow peeps were looking pretty damned good. Is it something in the water these days or have we always been ready to fall all over looking for an excuse to wrap ourselves in pseudo outrage at the slightest excuse? 

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