Friday, February 21, 2014


I posted this graphic I created on FB last fall after I finished reading Bard again
back in September. I THOUGHT I did a journal entry too, but maybe I didn’t.

It was meant as a reminder that we can’t keep taking from the earth without giving something back. That perhaps, we should leave some for the next generation.

This was taken from the novel Bard and it’s goddess Eriu speaking to one of the conquering Sons of Mil. Part of Irish mythology it happened way before the Christian era.

So, what comment appears on this post earlier this month? From a total stranger. And, totally, so totally off topic.

“There is a cost everything but Grace!” I’m assuming here that the poster was referring to the unmerited grace that leads to salvation. Or something like that. Which as I said earlier had absolutely nothing to do with the picture, the Irish, the Milesians, the Tuatha Da Danaan, or me for that matter.

Don’t you just love the totally unsolicited faith sharing the fundies love to pass around? 

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