Friday, February 28, 2014


How is that someone whose ideas are so butt ugly can look so cheerful on the outside. This quote is from the eighties, he recent'y apologized after a whole series of quotes from over the year came slithering out from under the rocks of history via an opinion piece in The Bangor Daily News. The article is a catalog of his anti tax, anti abortion, anti gay, anti union and anti woman opinions over the last twenty odd years.

For starters what does the one have to do with the other? Absolutely nothing. But then we were being told by candidates with perfectly straight faces that if you were REALLY raped you probably wouldn't get pregnant because your body had ways to deal with that.

Sexual freedom? This isn't about sex it's about control and power. You've got the power and you're using it for control. That's why rape has become one of the prime tactics in the civil wars of the last twenty odd years. What better way to say to the men "you're nothing; you can't protect your mothers, your wives, your daughters, your neighbors,"

After years of failing in politics this sorry waste of skin was elected to Maine legislature in 2012. I'd call him a Neanderthal but that would be an insult. To the Neanderthals

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