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The long threatened quote dump from a Patheos  website blog entry follow up to the "debate" between Bill Nye the Science Guy and Ken Ham.  The quotes are, well, pretty incredible in my opinion. I've removed the name tags to protect, us I guess, from contamination. Any opinions I have about a quote will be short and in bold type face. 

"Satan and the demons work hard to deceive us. If, as you imply, Ken Ham’s work of teaching and interpreting the Bible is wrong, you are making null and void the gift of teaching given to the church by the Holy Spirit. " Actually the Holy Spirit and I are on speaking terms. Don't you guys ever get tired of looking for demons behinds every bush?

"The issue of origins is outside the realm of science. If you think that evolution is science and proven, you have absolutely no clue as to the nature of knowledge. … Science cannot deal with unique, unrepeatable, unobservable and untestable events. Can anyone do a Show’n'Tell of a fish turning into a crocodile? The same is true of Creation. Both must be accepted on Faith. … Since no one can observe what has taken place in the past, no theory of origins is in the realm of science. The answer as to where we came from must be based upon faith. If you believe in Evolution, you have placed your faith upon Nothing, because for you the universe came from Nothing. … There is No truth in science, Truth is found only in the Lord Jesus Christ. Learn the Natures of Knowledge and Truth before delving into the issue of origins." No, I guess we can't expect to find a record of early evolution. The one celled and early multi celled critters didn't leave a written record. Kind of hard to do without pen, paper, hands, eyes and a brain. We do have an absolutely fascinating fossil record. We can build up a case for evolution the same way a detective builds evidence for a crime without an eyewitness. You follow the evidence and see where it takes you. 

"Their truth is a theory not based in any scientific fact yet they cling to their faith of what is not there. Sad. " Something is sad around here and it isn't science.

"One of the best learning experiences I ever had was my visit to the Creation Museum. " God/dess take me now!

"Evolution, according to every text I have seen and that schools provide, says “evolution” is a
“belief” of scientists, and a “theory”, so they choose this as THEIR religion, I have 4 children that are going to learn the truth and that is Creation, the Bible, and Gods laws and rules for us. … I am very concerned my own children and about the millions of children that are exposed to the lie of “evolution”, and their salvation and receipt of the true message of God ...Well, the Bible says, “Let God be true, and every man a liar.” That verse makes no exceptions for those who have their Ph. D. and have published journal articals. … [Ken Ham is] actually trying to defend the conclusion to which anyone would come if they read it for themselves without trying to make it fit something else ." Please provide a list of those books you've read. Somehow I doubt you've read very many. And please, please, please check out the definition of a scientific theory.  We use the word theory because it leaves room to add new evidence as it's discovered. And telling me "the Bible says so" cuts no ice with me. 

"It all comes down to how big your God is. Mine is big enough to speak everything into existence in 6-24 hour days. Mine is big enough to preserve His Word so that “day” means “day”. How big is yours?" Welcome to the grade school playground. "My God's bigger than your God. Thbpppp!" Actually John Crossan theorizes that the first Creation story isn't about the Creation of the Universe, but about the creation of something that was central to Jewish belief along with one God and no idols. The Sabbath. Fourth commandment and all that. Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy. Even God rested on the seventh day. etc. 

"Both “theories” require faith. And yes…creation is an accepted theory. A theory is simply a system of ideas intended to explain something. So those dismissing creation as a theory…if people believe it, then it is a theory. Get over it!" Well one 'theory" has a basis in empirical evidence. The other relies on "the Bible says so." Get over it.  

"I reject your belief that evolution has been proven true. The only thing that has evolved is the theory itself. The human architects of this theory have worked hard to overcome the growing problems with such an idea. I will admit that it takes a great amount of faith to believe such a tale. However, I can also appreciate the differences in opinions among people unlike many advocating evolution. My only point right now is that you cannot attempt to square the Word of God and remain consistent with true Biblical Christianity while holding to a man made theory that has been devised to eliminate God from the equation. I believe, in the beginning God and it seems you believe, in the beginning dirt." Of course the theory has "evolved" if you will. Charles Darwin had an idea based on what he'd observed, but he didn't have the mechanics. And he didn't have those because a certain German monk had just started planting those pea plants and observing what happened to color of the flowers when he crossed red ones with white ones. And that information wasn't discovered until after Darwin's death. By another scientist who had developed a gene theory independently from Mendel's . Oy. 

"Child like minds don’t use science to justify truth nor do they compare theory to do this leads to sorcery wich is very dangerous ground and also questionings the very teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ .who do i believe man or Jesus Christ without a doubt Jesus Christ you will never be led astray. " Sorcery? Well, that's a new one. At this point it's getting hard to keep being polite.

"In order to for a theory to be considered true, the hypothesis has to be able to be tested and verified. This is impossible to do regarding both creationism and evolution. It will NEVER happen. Therefore, they are both theories. Both require faith. So, the ultimate questions is do you want to place your faith in man? or God?" — Emily (a self-proclaimed high school biology teacher) And this from a science teacher. You have heard of the fossil record? And now that we have gene mapping we can actually compare genetic profiles and see how much variation there is between species. 

"Nothing good ever comes from Patheos. They are so full of Biblical inaccuracies it is truly sad. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing." Something's sad and it isn't Patheos. 

"I think that anyone who is honest and doesn’t have an atheistic agenda or axe to grind, if they take a reasonable look at what the theory of evolution proposes, they have to conclude that it just can’t make any sense. There are more holes in the theory of evolution than there are stars in the galaxy."  Sound of a very, very loud Bronx cheer. 

"I know you don’t have to believe in six literal creation days to be saved, but sometimes you wonder if these people who compromise believing in long ages and/or evolution really are since they basically are insisting man’s word is more authoritative than God’s even though they would probably deny that conclusion. " Hate to burst your bubble but the only text that might have been written by Le Bon Dieu was on those tablets Moses is supposed to have brought down from Sinai. Everything else was written by those primates with opposible thumbs. I.E. by human beings trying to make sense out of the unexplainable. 

"The creationist model is the biblical model. Anything else is private, personal, and subjective interpretation, which 2 Peter states is the wrong way to read the Bible. The Bible interprets itself!" I suspect that if you brought Peter or Paul into this century and showed them what we've done with their personal letters written to answer specific problems in a certain time and place they'd scratch their heads and go "hunh?" In the end it's all private, personal and subjective. And if the Bible interprets itself how come there's a whole section in bookstores stocked with Bible commentaries? Or why some Bibles come with glosses, notes and footnotes?

"The universe created by God is vast beyond comprehension, and, amazingly enough, coincides with science when science does what it does best – describes what it sees and observes. Everything else is just . . . theory. "  Can't say this often enough. We have the fossil record. Which scientists see, observe and interpret. Oh, I forgot. Fossils are either tricks of the Devil meant to lead us astray or tricks of god (small g is deliberate) meant to test our faith. Which puts that god on about the same footing as Coyote or Raven a trickster. 

"Genesis is compatible with Jesus. Evolution is not compatible with the need of a Savior. Death entered after Adam’s sin, not before. Jesus paid the fine Adam caused. The fine was death." See my previous entry and the idea of substitutionary atonement didn't come into play until Saint Anselm in about the eleventh century. And I'm not even going there right now. 

"Patheos is pathetic! Both blogger Wilkinson and many (but thankfully not all) of those responding are displaying their anti-Bible bias and ignorance. "  This one is pretty self explanatory. Anything I could say would be incredibly rude.

"The bottom line is these folks [evolutionists] simply have no room in their hearts for God …. " Also pretty self explanatory. You have no idea what is in my heart. Or anyone else's for that matter.

The end. Thank who ever is running the show. 

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