Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Please read this heartbreaking story first. At about three pages, I believe it’s way to long to post on my page.

The author isn’t totally clear, but I believe the family was part of a Methodist congregation in North Carolina and I can remember the ads a few years ago with the “open hearts, open minds, open doors” tagline. So, did whoever ordered the ad not know about the UMC book of discipline? "The practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching." The so called book of discipline was never mentioned at anytime when I went through the Methodist membership schtick. Twice. Of course, the first time I was in high school. The second time was back in the eighties.

I know from personal experience that getting blindsided with anti gay rhetoric in a church situation can leave you speechless. There was one church service back in those ill fated eighties when at least three people got up in the sanctuary and spewed their hatred. And we all just sat there. Including the pastor. Not one of my finest hours.

So, now it’s thirty years later and I have questions. Who was supervising this pissant “youth pastor” and if not, why not? Did the senior pastor know what was going on? And again if not, why not? Did any of these kids go home and tell their parents what happened? Apparently not, if the blog report of the incident is accurate. Was going on that mission trip so f’ing important that they’d sit by and let a kid who thought they were his friends be savaged.

I’m no longer a Methodist, for a lot of reasons, and this is one of them. Trying to fit into the box defined by the denominational rules starts to look a lot like that famous bed of Procrustes. He promised that he had a bed that anyone would fit perfectly. But, if you were too short he stretched you. If you were too long, well there was a cure for that too. 

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