Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I didn't watch it but I understand that Bill Nye the Science Guy swept the floor with Ken Ham. But I doubt that any minds were changed. Maybe he managed to plant a seed or two of doubt in the minds of some of the younger members of the audience. One can hope, pray and not put up with any BS from the fundie side of the aisle.

Also, because evolutionists are unwilling to give creation science any serious consideration, they really don’t have a proper understanding of it and always refute and discredit it with straw man fallacies and ad hominem attacks. Can scientists demonstrate the earth’s purported age of 4.6 billion years in a laboratory?

Hate to burst your bubble, but actually they can demonstrate the age of the earth in the lab. It's called potassium/argon dating and it's very reliable at least for rocks that haven't taken the big ride down to the core to be recycled as the continents move across the surface of the earth. Still the best dates for the radio isotope dating still come up with a date of approximately 3.5 billion years. Much, much older than any of the Young Earth Creationists. Which usually top out at about twenty thousand years. 

The rest of the age difference is usually by dating meteorites using various lead isotopes. Presumably the earth and the meteors were created at about the same time. So if you can date the meteors you can date the earth. There's a website that really goes into the details and can be found here. To be honest I can follow about three fourths of it on the first read through, so good luck. 

For a good giggle there are sites out there that attempt to uphold the young earthers attempts to prove their dating methods. Which when it comes down to it, still boils down to "the Bible says so." Epic fail. 

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