Monday, February 3, 2014


This may, emphasis may, turn into multiple entry stream of consciousness series. This is prompted by an entry on the Patheos website. One of their contributors took on the upcoming "debate" between young earth creationist Ken Ham and Bill Nye the Science Guy. That entry prompted an entry on the series of comments that frankly can leave you shaking your head and wondering WHERE IN THE F'ING HELL THESE PEOPLE GET THEIR INFORMATION. A thousand apologies for shouting. The number of entries will probably depend on how long my patience with rank stupidity holds out.

I'm tolerant of a lot things but, willful ignorance is not one of them. 

For anyone who reads their Bible, it’s pretty clear that the entire concept and theory of evolution blatantly contradicts a number of biblical accounts, therefore one must be true and the other false as the Bible does not contradict itself. Simple, and in a nutshell.—  
These folks signed their entries but I'm leaving off the names to protect the idiotic. 

If I could actually speak to this individual, geez where would I start? There are two Creation stories. At least three versions of Noah's flood, at least the run up to the Flood. The first three Gospels sort of agree with each other and John doesn't agree with the other three. 

So, since the claim that Bible obviously does contradict itself; there goes that argument. 

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