Sunday, February 9, 2014


Please excuse the unusual use of caps. Some things seem to need more emphasis sometimes. 

"If death came prior to Adam (evolution) then Jesus is not needed. We are not Christians. Its incompatible. We need Jesus as Savior BEcause of Genesis."

Follow up to the wholesale quote "dump"  but I couldn't let this one pass without a comment. Although I guess the dump will actually be the follow up. Looks like more than the dogwood is encased in ice this morning. 

I know that the quote from the first part of the second Creation story could imply that humans were immortal before that pesky tempter peeked out from behind a bush and whispered into Eve's ear. However, nowhere does scripture SAY that the first humans, indeed the first fruits of Creation were immortal. When God places those two trees off limits Adam doesn't ask the obvious question "what's death." So I'm guessing that he'd already been clued in on the fact that our bodies are mortal. Heck, even if our "parents" were vegetarians you can't get grain without planting seeds and you can't get seeds unless that wheat, barley or rye sprouts, matures and DIES so you can harvest it.

If humans were already immortal why was God so worried about the Tree of Life? Why would it matter if they ate of the Tree of Life IF THEY WERE ALREADY IMMORTAL. Instead God basically says "we have got to move these two to another address on the other side of the wall ASAP. BEFORE they find the Tree of Life. Because THEN they will be as us (whoever that us was; there's always the royal we I guess) knowing good from evil AND immortal. 

Long sigh here. Do you folks actually read the book you claim to be taking literally? And if you do, do actually think about what you're reading? Yes, Lisa I do remember what you said about fundies,  Biblical interpretation and basically being led around by their noses. 

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