Sunday, February 1, 2015


From the blog of a druid who also happens to be a Unitarian.   "Heresy has it's roots in a Greek word that basically means 'to choose.'" To bad most religions don't really want us choosing anything beyond showing up at the right time with cash in my pockets to throw in the collection plate. In fact ran across the story in The Parish blog of a guy who started attending a mega church. Attended for awhile, received the envelopes for his "offerings." Didn't take long for the mega to suggest very strongly that unless he upped his contribution he could forget about attending THEIR church.

Ironically this story was one of the reasons that the blogger, who survived Pentacostalism and later became a church of the Nazarene minister, claims that he is no longer a believer. I guess he just got tired of fighting to keep his head above water.

Anyway, reading this blog entry got me thinking, always a dangerous occupation. LOL

What continues to puzzle me is this. What each of us experiences of the divine, the unknown, what lies behind the veil; however you describe it, is unique to each of us. I can tell someone else what I experience, but I can’t “prove” it.

I suppose that’s why mystics are viewed with so much suspicion by the Abrahamic religions, especially Christianity and Islam. I could never understand how any “church” could insist that we all had to experience the same things at the same time and in the same way. First the churches call likes of Thomas Aquinas or Ekhart heretics then when they're safely dead for awhile the church makes them saints. 

Which reminds me to be honest, there are days when I’m pleasantly surprised when most of us agree where the sun was when I spotted it this morning. 

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