Saturday, February 28, 2015


Borrowed this image from another site on the net. Scott Walker, presidential hopeful and union busting governor of Wisconsin, has made this ridiculous claim. "If I can take on 100,000 protestors..."   And in today's AOL Walker claims that Reagan's union busting of the air traffic controllers was the most significant FOREIGN policy decision of his presidency because it sent the message we that "we weren't to be messed with."

OoooooooKaaaaay. One at a time. Yeah, I can see how union demonstrators are just like ISIS. I mean except for the guns, the IED's, the RPG's, the suicide bombers, the iconoclastic destruction of priceless artifacts, the beheadings and other atrocities, the kidnappings, the attempted genocide of Shiities and Yazidis. Nope not an iota of difference between them. Face palm, head desk, soundless scream because frankly I don't want to scare the cats. Again.

Now on to number two. I have blogged repeatedly about (un)Saint Ronnie's bull shit war on communism, subversion, etc. etc. etc. excuse my while I take time to throw up and take another shower. You know frankly I'm not sure what Reagan and his advisers were trying to prove. Who knows. Maybe they were dickless wonders. Maybe they were sociopaths. They certainly lacked the ability to empathize or sympathize or maybe they just didn't give a shit as the bodies piled up and the Central American refugee camps exploded. We not only stood by while brutal dictators made war on their own people most of tools of destruction came labeled "made in USA."

There have been allegations that Reagan's War on Drugs had more to do with funneling military aid denied by congress. After all who wanted to be accused of being soft on drugs? The last thing we need is another "Ronald Reagan" in the White House any more than we need another shrub, excuse me Bush. One of the first and two of the second are more than enough thank you.

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