Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Back in  1983 ABC scared the bejeezus out of the American public with what still may be the highest rated TV film in history. One hundred million people watched a graphic description of what happens during a nuclear attack. It hasn't been rerun very often since. I have the DVD. You do not, I repeat you do not watch this movie before bedtime.

So why am I bringing up a thirty year old made for TV horror fest? An Arkansas state rep believes we should use tactical nukes against ISIS. Small tactical nukes to be sure.

Just what does this nitwit think the rest of world will do if the US, the only country that has used nuclear weapons uses them again. Sometimes I get the impression that so called statesmen don't have any idea what a nuclear weapon is. I seriously believe they think nukes are just TNT on steroids. God help us.

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