Wednesday, February 18, 2015


the queasier I get. I didn't want to run on the last entry too far or mix too many subjects so today is a twofer. And the more I think about this the squickier it gets.

The new National  Geographic arrived yesterday and the lead story is "The War on Science." There are the usual suspects. The moon landings were faked. Adam and Eve shared the garden with dinosaurs. Trouble is they included the growing opposition to GMO's. It really ticks me off when hybridization techniques and selective breeding that has been carried out since we discovered agriculture have been pulled under the same umbrella that includes crops that be drenched in herbicides and survive or make their own pesticides. It ain't the same thing folks and it's a bald faced lie to claim that it is. 

Here's the quease inducing part of the story. There's a double page picture spread that includes a stuffed goat named Freckles. Now, what makes Freckles special you ask. Well Freckles and a few of her sisters were genetically modified. The techies over at Dr. Frankenstein's lab played around with the genome of a goat and added genes that allowed the likes of Freckles to produce milk that included spider silk proteins. Please see the Wickipedia article on BioSteel for the details. 

Call me a Luddite if you want but it really creeps me out when mad scientists start mucking about like this. How many goats would it take to make this a profitable operation. If some of Freckles sisters get out and breed with unfucked up with goats is their milk safe for humans or even baby goats to drink? 

It took me about a day to go from "this is weird" when I first read to article to "WTF is going on here." As a believer in the beauty of Creation, in the music shaped by the Maker of Things this just feels WRONG in a way I can't really explain in words but, there it is. 

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