Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I'm posting this link to a Monsanto backed petition, not because I agree with it, far from it. But because this is the fourth of fifth time it's showed up on my Facebook timeline as a suggested post. And frankly I'd like to know whose palms are getting greased to keep the POS in play. I have to admit that reading the comments has been a hoot. Every time it shows up there are more and more negative comments. Along with the few that suggest that those of us who want to know where our food dollars are going are Luddites at best and something you'd scrape off the bottom of your shoe at worst, 

OK, Facebook. Who is greasing the palms here. I'm only sharing this POS because this is like the fourth or fifth time it's showed up on my feed as a suggested link.
This is a crap petition backed by the likes of Monsanto and Dow. The legislation they're pushing would prevent states from passing laws requiring foods containing the likes of RoundUp ready crops to be labeled.
Note, we're not asking to ban the crops (which is not a bad idea) we just want to know what we are buying. And if Kellog's has a problem redesigning the labels on their cereal boxes I suspect that the local High School would have a nerd or three that could handle the problem. 
We bought an antibiotic free, vegetarian diet raised chicken for Christmas, very informative label. I suspect that as the packaged bird hits the scales for shipment, someone or something flashes a signal and the label is printed, slapped on your dinner to be and out the door it goes. Again, if your tech guys can't add a line to your label program hit the local community college. The nerds would be happy to help you out.
As an American in a SUPPOSEDLY capitalist economy it is my right to access all the information available in order to make an informed choice. However, I've noticed that my right to know what's going on goes down as the impact on some corporation's bottom line goes up. 

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