Sunday, February 22, 2015


Well, well, big surprise Hillary doesn't think fracking is so bad and won't take a stand on Keystone XL. Bill Clinton was a semi Democrat who supported the expansion of globalization. It was going to be good for the economy, It was going to be a benefit. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

I can never quite figure out why we have to pump out every last blessed pint of crude in this generation. Hey, leave some for the generations to come already. Looked up Keystone, turns out the infamous double K's are big stakeholders in the company. Surprise, surprise that congress is bending over and grabbing its collective ankles to get the pipeline OK'd.

From Wendell Berry in 1982 in From This Day.

Hail to the forest born again,
that by neglect, the American benevolence,
has returned to semi virginity, graceful
in the putrid air, the corrosive rain,
the ash-fall of Heaven invading fire -
our time's genius to mine the light
of the world's ancient buried days
to make it poisonous in the air.
Light and greed together make a smudge
that stifles and blinds, But here
the light of Heaven's sun descends,
stained and mingled with its forms,
heavy trunk and limb, light leaf and wing,
that we must pray for clarity to see,
not raw sources, symbols, warded powers,
bu fellow presences, independent, called
out of nothing by now word of ours,
blessed, here with us.

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