Monday, March 16, 2015


That was the ironic nickname I gave the old IMac blueberry after it had to have a new hard drive installed and I was idiot enough to let them split it. Classic on one side OS10 on the other. Promptly turned my flatbed scanner into a great big doorstop.

I used the mac in parallel with my PC laptop for several years.The mac had the printer and frankly did a better job with graphics. That lasted until the modem finally crapped out but the slower processor was having a harder and harder time dealing with the increasing speeds and sophistication of the net anyway.

Anyway the late, great Acer crapped out last week, and back I went to the little computer store on Mohawk. While I was getting used to Windows 7 (and the jury is still out) I happened to ask if they knew where old equipment can be taken for recycling. Turns out they will take them. Between mom's walker and the garden cart I was able to get everything out in one trip. There's still a bag of cords etc. to take out. That corner looks really, really empty right now. Mom and I are both going "craft corner!!!!!, yes!"

Yes, yes, yes. Bring out all the goodies and put them where we can use them.

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