Friday, March 27, 2015


Warning rant ahead. And it probably won't be the only one this week. So, if you don't want to be offended it's probably better if you leave now. 

Having actually managed to read the book of Joshua without either throwing up or having to take too many showers I realized that Phil Robertson is on solid Biblical ground. At least if  you're a sadist, a psychopath or a sociopath. Just change the names of the attackers and the victims in his little anti atheist rant and fill in the names of the ethnic groups that were destroyed (or partially) destroyed in the Hebrew quest to claim the "promised" land.

A Canaanite family, Midianite, Amelakite. Whatever. They were Other. They were standing in the way of Hebrew destiny. Anyone who has read a description of what happens when a city or fortress is sacked will know that no mercy is shown. And if you believe it's God's will then showing mercy would actually be a sin. 

I forget (mercifully) the name and the link to a blog by an author who supported Hebrew genocide. And made the following disclaimer along the lines of "they knew the Hebrews were coming and would have gotten out of the way so the death toll probably wasn't that bad." 

The contortions believers go through to excuse the absolute worst their sacred books have to offer is beyond belief. 

You are already living in the so called promised land. You may not own the land. The kings own the land. The priests own the land. But, your family had farmed, grazed worked this land for years, generations even. Your people are buried there or their ashes were scattered there. Your gods and goddesses have, in your eyes, blessed the land. You here of a group of invaders who claim that their God, who you're never heard of, has promised your land to them!. Are you going to run or are you going to fight? And fight like hell. 

Sorry folks this tree has some bad roots and no amount of yes buts, or we don't believe that anymore or any other excuse that we can come up with is going to change that. Especially when a vocal and hate filled minority can use those stories as an excuse to continue their hating. 

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