Thursday, March 19, 2015


So far Family Tree maker, Starry Night 4.1, Britannica and one other program whose name escapes me at the moment have made the transition to the new machine. I replaced Street Atlas because the original was for Mac and frankly I think I bought it ten years ago anyway. I'm replacing Photoshop Elements, again because it was a very old program, version 2, I believe and they're all the way up to I think 13 or 14. Anyway I used to to work with almost all my pictures on the old Mac and I'm hoping that this one will let me access them.

The digital downloads are all good to go. Thirty five MM's from photo disks are iffy. Heck if I haven't missed them by now...And I have the original photos anyway. I'm in the market for a printer that includes a scanner, preferably capable of creating photo quality prints. We have a butt load of school pictures for the nephews. It might be fun to create some collage collections.

Anyway it beats politics. Good Lord the Tea Party Republicans can't even get along with their own party. Maybe we should run the federal government like a business. How many business owners can you think of would hire potential employees whose main goal is torpedoing his/her business? Because I believe this is just exactly what these sorry excuses of the south ends of north bound jackasses are trying to do, and too few of my fellow miserable excuses for citizens realize this.

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