Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Well, I pulled everything relevant off the old Mac. Don't know why I bothered with some of it. The programs I used were so old this computer simply doesn't recognize them. I ordered a new version of Photoshop and maybe that will help. Also, it's what I'm working with and is great for working with pictures.

I'm not quite sure which program I used when I did this, but back in the early thirties my great grand dad wrote some poems. I don't know if he did more, but these are the ones one of my cousins typed up. I transcribed them, formatted them and printed sets off for Roberta and Colleen. Anyway, thank heaven the final versions survived. I don't really care about the other material although I'll go through it and see what can be salvaged.

Windows 7 came, not with works, but a program set called LibreOffice which is a basic version without Outlook. It seems fairly useful. Some things are in places I''m not used to, especially for the spreadsheet program, but I can work with that. Damned if I'm going to buy ANOTHER version of office at whatever they're charging a pop these days. I don't think Libre comes with the color palette that Appleworks did but Elements will take care of that problem.

Four of my old programs work fairly well on this machine. Family Tree Maker, the National Geographic collection, Britannnica and Starry Night version 4.1. I've tried installing Deep Space Explorer. Twice. Gives the new machine a bad case of indigestion, so too bad about that. I think I'll survive. Was looking at printers on Amazon just too see what's out there. Damn, they are cheap, relatively speaking.

Know what's really weird? This keyboard comes with a number pad, which means that the alpha keyboard is off center. It's like I have to learn how to type all over again. LOL


Lisa :-] said...

Husband will not have a computer without a ten-key pad, so I've tried to accommodate him whenever I could. My new laptop came with a thing called "Office 365," which is MIcrosoft office re-imagined as a subscription application. They want you to pay $99 a year to keep it functional on your computer. I went ahead and signed up for the free year...but the programs were enough changed from office 2007 (which is what I had on my other laptops) to be annoying, and stuff like the dictionary and thesaurus wouldn't work unless you were "signed in" to their server. Which meant they were useless if you happened to be somewhere without internet service (which, evidently, the engineers could not even imagine...) So after a couple of months of giving it a shot, I finally uninstalled Office 365 and installed Office 2007 off my old disc. Now I'm a happy camper.

JACKIE said...

The mac keyboard had a number pad. The first HP had a number pad. The Acer didn't which made doing anything with a spread sheet a real PITA.