Sunday, March 22, 2015


Another totally devastating essay from Jim Wright over at Stonekettle Station,  Anybody out there care to imagine what the world would look like now if the US and the rest of the world had managed to control our oil addiction back in the seventies.

Imagine a world where the Saudi's didn't have and endless supply of money to finance their view of the Islam. Imagine a world where we could live with the power supplied by the sun, wind and tides instead of plotting the next war to keep the oil flowing. Imagine a world where fresh water is used for drinking and SENSIBLE irrigation not being filled with chemicals and pumped into the ground so that we can keep those big ass 27  mpg pickups moving.

Imagine rethinking our land use so that we're eating food grown in the next county; not trucked or shipped in from half a continent or half a world away. Imagine savoring those seasonal wonders fresh asparagus or Oregon strawberries or the best peaces during the time they're in season and then waiting in anticipation for the next season.

Imagine a world where we create crops that can be poisoned and survive. MAYBE most gmo crops are safe to eat, but what it takes to get them to our dinner tables is killing us and the land and creatures that depend on the crops that can't survive being poisoned for their survival.

As usual I started out in one direction, the blog too control and here we are.

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