Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Just  a short meditation on the sound bites that have been coming from the sorry excuses for Republican members of the house in this century. Two hundred years ago the house and senate had their share of nincompoops but they also had the likes of Daniel Webster, Henry Clay and John C Calhoun.

Who do we have now? Boehner, Canter and Ryan. I'm not going to bother with links but one rep. seems to think that the US defaulting on the debt would actually stabilize the world's markets. He's a veterinarian by trade. Another one compares his paying some of his bills late on time to the government possibly paying his bills late and seems to believe that everyone will understand. To be honest I didn't look this guy up on Wickipedia to see what he did before he managed to get elected to congress. Oregon's second district rep. Greg Walden pretty much admitted that he left his backbone back home. Seems that he and the other semi moderates are afraid of being "primaried' by the Tea Party. His claim to fame before being elected was running a chain of radio stations.

But, it finally hit home this weekend. Nowhere in all the sound bites is there one mention of the constitution that I'm aware of. That document lays out in detail how laws are passed. My read is that what's happening in Washington right now does not meet those standards/ We either have the rule of law or rule by faction. When we hit that point we might as well just take our copies of that tattered document and use them line the bottom of a bird cage. Because that's about all they'll be worth.

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