Wednesday, October 16, 2013


OK, it looks like we aren’t going to be shoved over the cliff. This time. I have a suggestion for all members of congress. Hey Tea Party People! How does it feel to be the object of a Ted Cruz fundraiser.

Rule #1 All members of each house write down your home state and district number. Senators just the state, please. Put the slips in a hat, a bowl, a left over fast food container, whatever. Everybody draws a slip. Only rule, you can’t go home for this. You gotta go to somebody else’s district. Send out notices for town hall meetings.

Rule #2. When you get there after you present your ideas for dealing with our budget problems. YOU SHUT UP AND LISTEN.

Rule #3. Open mic, you have five minutes. If you can’t do it in five minutes go to the back of the line and wait your turn again. If it means passing the hat for take out, so be it. Oh, and no bad mouthing anybody from the corporations on down. No calling for impeaching the president or his birth certificate. No calling your own rep a blithering idiot. If you can’t bring something constructive to the table. Please stay home and talk to your reflection in the mirror.

Rule #4. To be enforced by whatever means necessary. NO INTERRUPTIONS. I don’t give a flying fig what your politics are.

Rule #5. Everything, and I do mean everything, is on the table. Farm subsidies, oil subsidies, weapons systems, (there’s fighter in the pipeline, the F35, projected costs for the project over the lifespans of the planes is over a trillion dollars.That right, that's a T in front. Not an M or a B. Can we even afford to risk them in combat?)

Let’s discuss how corporations game the safety net. We’ve all heard the horror stories about WalMart paying rip gut wages while they point their employees towards medicade and food stamps. And WalMart isn’t the only corporation that’s guilty. The Golden Arches spring to mind.

Yeah, let’s have a full and frank discussion of American Socialism where profits are privatized and the taxpayers (us) get left holding the bag. Don’t forget yanking the  non profit status for every lobbying group in the country from AARP to whoever starts with X, Y or Z. I’m including the churches. You get deductions for salaries etc. but, if you want to weigh in on how your fellow citizens conduct themselves in private, who they marry, how they keep from getting pregnant you can pay to play.

Any other suggestions?

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