Friday, October 25, 2013


This was supposedly created by a Facebook site Christians for Michele Bachman.  Unlike the Duffleblog Rush Limbaugh entry that was a scarily almost believable send up of a broadcast by the head Ditto Head it's harder to tell if this is for real or what somebody called a troll site.

If it's for real it's really scary to believe that there's one person out there much less the two thousand or so likes that believe this woman not only has a chance to be elected but could actually do the job. If it isn't, it has attracted some very interesting comments.

When it comes to the Bible some believers can be really, really strange. I've lost count of the number folks I've run across who not only seem to believe that God wrote the Bible in English but that the King James Version is the only true version. When actually, truth to tell, don't much care for it. I think it's the word "authorized" in the title. All it means is that this was the translation authorized to be printed and sold in England; not that God had specifically authorized this translation. A translation that leaned a lot more heavily on the idea of the Divine Right of Kings in opposition to the Geneva translation that accepted the idea that if the ruler turned out to be a real asshole his/her people didn't have to wait around for God to do something about it.

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