Thursday, October 24, 2013


Ran across this on the net. God only knows what would happen if we still had orphanages and kids too small to defend themselves the way this pup was handled. Hell,, I might act out a little too if I'd been dumped, got used to somebody new and then taken to a shelter. By someone who was willing to take me back if nobody adopted me. And it was a wiener dog/chihuahua mix. We aren't talking a rottweiler here. Demons indeed. Apparently the FB entry about putting the dog down because of "demons" has been deleted. I wouldn't trust this bunch to find a home for an orphaned bacterium.

Frankly I am sick and tired of the fundagelicals in this country. Too bad we don't have a time machine to send them back to the dark ages where they belong.


JACKIE said...

From now on suspected fundies get asked at least two questions. Do you believe in demons? Do you believe in witches? Give me a yes answer and you will be treated politely, period. You will be treated with all the respect those opinions are due. Which for me is absolutely ZERO.

Lisa :-] said...

Well, I have to comment that doxiies and chihuahuas can be mean little f**kers. My BIL was a UPS for many yers, and got bit by little dogs way more often than big ones.

That said, the whole idea of these idiots thinking the dog was possessed by "demons" is off the wall. And even if you think that, you don't post it on Facebook. Not to mention that the woman said to call her if they planned on euthanizing the dog... Ugh.

Lisa :-] said...

Wow, that comment looks like it was written by a drunk 5-year-old! LOL! Well, it's after 1 am and I guess I'm more tired than I thought... :P