Wednesday, October 2, 2013


These were both on my FB wall a couple of days ago. The first one was "liked" by my Umatilla living sister. Who always assumed had more sense. Oh well,

I'll skip the litany of folks who are able, want a job, look for jobs and there are four or five people looking for jobs for every job there is out there.

Then we come to the Walton heirs. Sam Walton built his chain stocking American made products. I'm not sure what kind of wages he paid or what the original benefits were for the employees. Well, we know all too well what it's like now.

How about it's wrong to tax workers trying to basically subsidize a hugely successful company that pays rip gut wages to part time workers while giving them tips on how to apply for food stamps and Medicade because they can't afford to feed their families or afford health care.

How about it's wrong to give tax breaks to companies that ship jobs overseas gutting what were successful industries such as textiles in the south east and basic manufacturing in or near the big cities.

This is a story from Fast Food Nation. I forget the name of the meat packers but they opened a new plant in Minnesota, bused up their workers and let them out in front of the local homeless shelter. The city officials were NOT amused. The company was basically told they could clean up their act or take their business elsewhere. I'm sure they found a city somewhere that didn't mind.

How much do you need in this life. How many things do you need to own to fill that bottomless pit where your soul ought to be? It varies, but there's finally a consensus that WalMart destroys more jobs than it creates. Another example of American 'socialism." Profits are privatized. The costs? The American taxpayers get the bill from WalMart food stamps to ruined watersheds, exploding oil platforms, coal dust from train cars it's apparently too expensive and time consuming to tarp, and  leaky tar sands oil wells. Well, the Canadians are stuck with that last one. But the picture is pretty damn clear and it isn't pretty.

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