Thursday, October 3, 2013


The sort of government shut down continues into its third day. I'm still trying to figure out why the 'pubs are insisting that the problem is that the president won't negotiate when they've made it very clear that they aren't interesting in anything but unconditional surrender. What part of you had your chance to shape the law when it was being written and you stood aside do you not understand? What part of liberal opposition to the law is because IT DIDN'T GO FAR ENOUGH do you not understand? What part of the senate passed it too do you not understand? What part of the president signed the damn thing into law do you not understand? What part of the SCOTUS found the law to be constitutional do you not understand? If we had gone to single payer I wonder how it would have fared facing Robert's "the business of America is business" court?

Republican representative Greg Walden represents Oregon's second district, basically everything east of the Cascades. Meet one of the gutless Republican wonders in the house of representatives. He admits that like so many others he voted to shut down the government because "they're scared of the tea party."

And his grand qualifications to help govern the country? He used to run a chain of radio stations. I am so (not) impressed

And then there's Peter King from New York who admits that the core of the shut 'er down group is about thirty to forty birthers. They're hell bent on tanking the country because we had the audacity to elect Obama. These are the same guys who treat Ted Cruz as if he were Moses down from Sinai even though he was born in Canada. Yeah the guy who goes by Ted even though he was baptized Rafael Edward, or maybe Eduardo. I'd love to get a gander at HIS birth certificate. LOL And I wonder how many of them think his last name is spelled Cruise. Like the actor.

And the whole group sits there like a bunch of idiots who can't seem to find the back of their laps with a map, flashlight, GPS and a big flashing light overhead. It's almost as if the tiny group forced the shut down doesn't really know what it wants, except that it hates the president's guts and can't figure out how to get out of the mess they created. Remember Obamacare is basically Romneycare from Massachusetts and that was modeled on Heritage Foundation recommendations. Yeah, the Heritage Foundation was semi sane. Once. Briefly. Won't let that happen again. No Sirree. Might get to be a habit.

And the world looks on. Remember back when we invaded Iraq with the idea that we could export our form of government and that was a good thing. As if we could buy a pound of democracy off the shelf and just install it where we wanted it. Iraq is sliding into civil war if it isn't there already. And the tail of the elephant is bouncing the poor critter up and down. Yep, this a great advertisement for the benefits of so called democratic government. The Chinese are; well wondering what the hell is going on. After all China is a one party state and pretty much always has been. Politicians who cause embarrassment probably end up counting sheep on the border with Mongolia.

And the former KGB honcho in Russia probably wasn't laughing at Obama over Syria but I bet Putin is laughing his ass off right now. The country that presumed to tell the rest of the world how it's done can't seem to tie its own shoelaces today.

How in the hell did we end up like this? I've always voted. Thank heaven I've usually had reasonably sane choices to pick from. There was that time George McGovern ran and Nixon tried to steal an election he had in the bag anyway. And then there was the time Pat Robertson told us it was God's will that Jimmy Carter be president. I admit it. I was channel surfing and stumbled across the 700 Club just in time to get the latest from Mt. Sinai according to Robertson.

Memo to Walden, King and all the rest. Please find out where you left your backbones and reinstall them. Rapidly. Or that elephant is going to get buried so far away it'll find Pluto before it finds its way back here.

Too bad I already practiced my key flute already (another name for the melodica). I could use a fix right about now.

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