Sunday, December 8, 2013


There's fifty entries. I'll take them ten at a time. 

per the Rolling Stone Magazine.   If you do take the time to go into the website each person has a link to the original story. Some are just tweets. Some are more substantial news stories. But the first think I thought of was; you could only find fifty? And the state with the majority of the off the wall statements? Starts with a T and ends with an S. Although to be fair, some of the commenters made the list more than once. And they didn't include what I consider Louie Gohmert's most insulting statement. He told a woman who chose a late term abortion because the baby was facing a diagnosis of a fatal birth defect that she should have carried to term. Reason? Doctor's have been known to make mistakes. I made the mistake of looking up the condition just before going to bed. The fetus basically had no brain above the part that controls autonomic functions. You can't miss it on the scans and THERE IS NO TREATMENT. Of everyone on the list I believe Louid Gohment takes the cake. 

Just fifty? Anyway here’s the countdown 50-41.

50. Rep. Steve Stockman – Texas “The best thing about the Earth is if you poke holes in it oil  gas come out.”

49. Sarah Palin – “Let Allah sort it out.” On the Syria conflict.

48. Rep. Jim Bridenstine – Oklahoma “Just because the Supreme Court rules on something doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s constitutional”  on the legal status of Obamacare.

47.  Rep. Joe Barton – Texas  “The Great Flood is an example of climate change. And that certainly wasn’t because mankind overdeveloped hydrocarbon energy.”

46. Sen. Rand Paul – Kentucky They’re coming after your donuts” after the FDA said it would phase out trans fats.

45. Rep. Louie Gohmert – Texas “We know Al Qaeda has camps on the Mexican border. We have people that are trained to act Hispanic when they are radical Islamists.”

44. Rep. Ted Yoho – Florida “it’s a racist tax” on the civil rights consequences of taxing tanning salons, which supposedly discriminates against pale Americans.

43. Rep. Virginia Fox – North Carolina “It is not the role of the Congress to make college affordable and accessible.” Voting against regulating for profit colleges and universities.

42. Justice Antonin Scalia _ I even believe in the Devil. He’s a real person.”

41. Rep. Paul Broun – “Obamacare is going to destroy everything we know as a nation.

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