Monday, December 2, 2013


Somehow I don’t the think where I’m ending up is quite what the fundies have in mind.
I kind of wondered if the fundie shepherds actually allowed the flock to go wandering in Biblical pastures without a proper guide. And we’ll let you know who we think is qualified to run the show.

 Can’t let you run off on your own. You might actually realize that while scripture may be inspired (and I wonder sometimes if the inspiration came from the heavenly realms, a couple of bottles of new wine or if Ancient Israel was home to any magic mushrooms) but you sure as heck can’t take ‘em literally.

I’m actually kind of having “fun” with Genesis. I think I can get several rather irreverent journal entries out of it. And darn it I don’t have any fundagelicals handy to tease.

Two Creation stories and the suggestion that the first one isn’t about creating the physical world but the creation of the world of the Sabbath. God “worked” for six days and on the seventh He rested.

And made a really big deal about it. So big a deal that it’s mentioned twice before the first Creation story is over and keeping the Sabbath is one of the commandments. You know the ones that the fundies want to post in public places? WE don’t actually keep them but, you know, we  think it’s important for the other folks to know about them.

Not only does our 24/7 business cycle ignore the Sabbath as a whole day to reorient yourself to the spiritual but heaven help the preacher who goes a little over on the sermon. After all little Benjie has a soccer game, Susie has volleyball and I’m going to miss the kick off, jump ball, first pitch, the big sale. I mean we all know what’s really important don’t we? God/dess forbid that we actually set time aside so we can slow down, look around and let our souls breathe.

To be continued. 

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