Sunday, December 8, 2013


Article from the comment pages of the Eugene Register Guard this Sunday titled "Today's divisive political climate has racism at it's heart."  I suspect that the Guard would prefer I go with a link, rather than posting the entire column. And with a little patience you can read the whole thing on the website. If they ask you to sign in try the refresh button. If that doesn't work, leave a comment and I'll e-mail the text. I did copy it for my own library. This is too good to lose.

This is the first paragraph. "Save the babies (especially the white ones), read the sign held by the anti-abortion picketer. It got me thinking. Far too many old white guys (and more than a few women) are running scared. The communities they've inhabited are changing in ways they don't understand, no longer the America they once knew. And it has much to do with race.

Which ties into a Think Progress piece  on a Fox (faux) News presentation featuring one Suzanne Venker. She's the latest in a long line of women who preach that a woman can only be fulfilled if she's married, has kids and doesn't work outside the home. Odd how many of these gals don't follow their own advice. And I purely hated to actually go to her website but nobody has done a Wikipedia article on her so I guess I have to put up with adding an extra "vote" to her counter. There was another link to one of her articles. Only a buck ninety nine to get access to a 2500 word article.

I suspect that her advice is aimed at upper middle class, upper class pigmentally challenged American women. This is thinly veiled eugenics folks. As the racial demographics shift in this country, obviously the "wrong" people are reproducing.

A couple of years ago the truth finally shined a flood light in my eyes. If the people crossing our borders without visas were white, blue eyed, Presbyterians there wouldn't be near the whoop ti do over immigration reform.

Which also ties in with the 50 really weird, where did I put my brain utterances of mostly Republican right wingers of 2013 posts over the next few days. I think Rolling Stone should have waited until January 2014. After all, there's still THREE WEEKS  to go. Plenty of time for more switch off brain, insert foot in mouth tweets, pronouncements, sound bites and whiskey tango foxtrot moments.

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