Friday, December 13, 2013


Back in college I found a very nice, big collection songs and carols. And I dug it out when I started playing with melodica. It might be fun to post at least the words, to some that I really liked. Considering the news lately I can use a break. The notes with the carol suggested it could either a solo piece. Or three voices singing one verse each with all three joining in on the last verse.

The song of the three wise men

In the early morning as I went on my way,
I saw a fallen tree fallen into decay;
But a little violet had found its shade,
And in its coolness there its home had made.

As I journeyed onward in the noon day heat,
A great rock blocked the path before my feet;
But from its shade there gushed a cooling spring,
And it quenched out thirst and made our hearts to sing.

Then I saw a bush that bore many a thorn;
By its cruel points my bleeding hands were torn;
But among the thorns the sweetest berries grew,
And we ate with joy, and did our strength renew.

When the night seems darkest and our hope is gone,
In the east we see the signs of coming dawn.

Words by one Wyllis Peck Kent set to an old French Melody

Funny, I've been hearing this melody for the last couple of weeks. Too weird. 

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